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Your Office is a Three Ring Circus: Lessons learned from the most focused business in the world



Judy Weigle never wanted to run away with the circus. In fact she’d never been to a circus before she joined one. In college Judy had an aesthetic goal to work with as many cultures as possible in exotic locations around the world.

It was seven years after completing her studies when Judy came across a job in the classifieds that actually spoke to her…a marketing director at the circus.

Through engaging stories and amusing anecdotes Judy brings the world of circus to life as she takes the lessons she learned working in one of the most culturally diverse workplaces on the planet and shows audiences the many parallels to corporate life in the 21st century.

In this 45 to 60 minute keynote presentation Judy will have your audience laughing as she breaks down the elements that contribute to successfully running a circus and how those same lessons can help every organization thrive by embracing diversity, teamwork and a “show must go on” spirit.


  • How diversity contributes to the health, welfare and success in every workplace
  • Why leaders need to expand the concept of “team” and teamwork to include everyone who contributes to the success of an organization, from the mailroom to the boardroom.
  • How organizations can be resilient enough to maintain their “showface” - even in the midst of turmoil and crisis. 

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Big Top Talent Time: Why organizations need to nurture dynamic, creative, and diverse workplaces

When it comes to diversity - there aren’t many organizations as diverse as the circus! 
Big Top Teams: Discover the magic behind your mission 

When you work at a circus - no job is unimportant. It takes the full commitment of everyone in the tent to make each performance magical.
The Show Must Go On: How to keep your “showface” in the midst of crisis 

In her time at the circus, Judy Weigle was witness to many, many bad days. From illness, to equipment failure to sudden resignations - working at a circus is a lot like any other business.