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Driven to Distraction: 
The Relationship Between Presenteeism, Lost Productivity and Divorce



For: Human Resources Professionals
There is a silent killer in corporate America affecting the workforce and it’s called Presenteeism. Presenteeism is being present but not productive, being physically there but mentally checked out due to physical and emotional pain, and costs U.S. corporations more than $300 billion per year, more than for Absenteeism, or an average of $57.5 in lost revenue per employee per year. (Center for Disease Control)

Divorce is driving employees to distraction. Lost time for divorce emails, texts, phone calls & legal appointments will compromise even the best-performing employees.

Much of the emotional pain employees experience is due to divorce. Divorce is the #2 stressor in a person’s life next to death. Whether they are going through it themselves or someone on the team is experiencing it, divorce affects everyone.

Chances are, most of your employees have been or are getting a divorce: 50% of first marriages, 60% of second marriages, and 70% of third marriages end in divorce. (U.S. Department of Labor Statistics) Time to mitigate the pain.

As a divorce mediator and legal document preparer, I communicate with clients through phone, text and email during the standard 8am – 6pm workday. If they are returning my communications as I send them, they aren’t working for you. Their focus and time is on the divorce, not on their jobs. Not only does lost focus turn into lost productivity, but the employee’s mental health can be compromised, too.

They’re in pain and they need your help! They need the Recipe for the Heart-Healthy Divorce™.

Divorce is not going anywhere. And organizations that ignore it allow Presenteeism to grow like a cancer. The Recipe for a Heart-Healthy Divorce™ tackles the issue of Presenteesim and divorce in the workplace, and shows individuals and leaders a new way to offer divorcing employees a way to remain productive and use work as a respite from divorce. 

This program is designed to help corporations meet the mental health needs of their employees so they can continue to be productive and work effectively, remain focused, and come out the other side with a renewed sense of purpose, dedication and gratitude. 


1. How to better understand the effects of divorce in the workplace and how to fix it
2. How to Identify who is going through divorce in order to provide support
3. How to Maintain Productivity and make the Workplace a Respite from Divorce. 
4. How to Provide Wellness Services specific to the needs of divorcing employees
5. How to Create a Safe Environment for Mental Health demands due to Divorce

1. Return to Productivity
2. Increase in Employee Loyalty for having cared in some way
3. Connection, sympathy, trust and understanding is created through Employer Support
4. Culture of trust where employees can connect with each other

Judith M. Weigle, award-wining Divorce Mediator and podcast host of THE Amicable Divorce Expert, brings her 10 years of knowledge and solutions to the table to feed the needs of people evolving out of marriage. “My philosophy for divorce is the same for all life challenges: Use it to grow.”