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Episode 208 Blog: Self-Worth Can Increase As a Result of Divorce

Episode 208 Blog: Self-Worth Can Increase As a Result of Divorce


In this episode of THE Amicable Divorce Expert podcast, Patty McGuire, CEO of Positivity Influencer Coaching, discussed individual self-worth, how it’s affected during divorce and how divorce can bring out the best in a person’s feeling of self-worth.

Self-Worth can easily be lost when going through divorce. People tend to blame themselves, after, of course, they’ve blamed their spouses. This is because divorce calls into play the intrinsic value that a divorcing person will have of themselves. Divorce is both an emotional experience that dashes people’s hopes and dreams of living their lives with someone who fulfills them, values them, will stick by them through all of life’s challenges, and who would never do anything to breach the trust their partners have in them.

Divorce is also a huge financial experience in which one spouse may have to reenter the workforce after not working for a while, live on less money than they’re used to, perhaps live on their own for the first time in their lives.

Being a single parent may cause a spouse to wonder how their children may view them now as a single co-parent instead of part of the parental team living in one house. Are the children as happy with them as the children are with the other parent?

But for the most part, people feel like failures during divorce regardless of being the initiator or the recipient of a decision to divorce.

Magic awaits, though, if when going through the emotional part of divorce with help from therapists and divorce coaches, or in Patty McGuire’s case a coach specifically designed to address the issue of self-worth, the divorce can become the event that causes people to redefine who they are, reevaluate how they want to live as their authentic selves, and make new life choices that tap into what it takes to feel happy and fulfilled, maybe for the first time in their lives. Divorce then becomes a new beginning with a fresh new  look at themselves.

The value of an individual comes from within. Value is defined and established by individually, not from anyone else or anything else. It comes from inside of each of us, and then communicated to the world. It doesn’t have to do with the amount of money people have, but what is done with that money. Self-worth and value come from how people define themselves. Outside voices be gone!

People can raise their own value by their actions, their words, and their thoughts. No one can change the value of anyone else. They can try but the individual has the last word on value because value and self-worth come from within each one of us.

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Patty McGuire

Founder, Positivity Influencer Coaching



Patty McGuire is a self-worth coach who teaches her clients how to create more love and happiness in their lives – one step at a time. Specializing in emotional wellness, divorce recovery and saving marriages, her unique method guides people from fear and pain back to love.

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