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Episode 185: Are You Dying of Financial Abuse w/Stacy Francis, Francis Financial

Episode 185: Are You Dying of Financial Abuse w/Stacy Francis, Francis Financial



Divorce Checklist

  1. Gather documents and make copies. Create lists of assets and liabilities. Keep all of this information and documents in a divorce file, so everything can be easily accessible during the divorce process.
    •   Bank and credit card statements/account numbers
    •   Retirement account numbers
    •   Investment account numbers
    •   Loan account numbers
    •   Recent pay stubs, W2’s or 1099’s
    •   Copy of deeds/mortgage/property title
    •   Employee benefit package info
    •   Wills and/or trusts
    •   Insurance policies
    •   Tax returns from the last 3-5 years
    •   Health insurance and identification cards
    •   Birth certificates
    •   Social security cards
    •   Marriage certificate
    •   Divorce decree
    •   Vehicle registration
    •   Airline frequent flier numbers
    •   Contact info — accountants, relatives, good friends, etc.
    •   Compile a list of non-marital assets and their value (items of value owned previous to the marriageand gifts or inheritances received during the marriage and subsequently maintained as separate


  2. Inform your financial advisor of the probability of the divorce.
  3. Research and hire your team of professionals: Matrimonial Attorney, Financial Advisor, Divorce Coach.
  4. Emergency Fund – Make sure you have enough cash on hand in the bank to cover living expenses for atleast the next 3-6 months.
  5. Obtain a temporary order for spousal and child support if needed.
  6. Take a household inventory (including pictures) of rooms and items.
  7. Put items that are personal and that you want to take with you, such as diplomas and yearbooks, in a safeplace (your office, a friend’s house).
  8. Make a copy of house keys and car keys.
  9. Write a background, a picture of your married life including a description of your time and moneycontributions to the marriage while it’s fresh in your mind.
  10. Change passwords and create a new email address.
  11. Get a credit report and get a credit card in your own name to establish your own credit.
  12. Get a P.O. Box that your spouse will not have access to.
  13. Make a new will and change beneficiaries.39 Broadway, Suite 1730 | New York, NY 10006 Office | 212.374.9008 | FrancisFinancial.com