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Episode 235: How Emotionally Intelligent Are You in Your Divorce?

Episode 235: How Emotionally Intelligent Are You in Your Divorce?

Listen Here:  https://judyweigle.podbean.com/e/emotional-intelligence-for-divorce-fear-wpatty-mcguire-emotional-intelligence-master-and-coach/

Here are questions to ask yourself to gage your own Emotional Intelligence:

  1. What emotions come up when the decision to divorce takes place?
  2. Are you experiencing grief and fear?
  3. Have you set an intent to handle the emotions in a positive way?
  4. What words are you using in your divorce language?
  5. Are you Trauma Bonding with someone who had a horrible divorce?
  6. Have you chosen a support group, surrounding yourself with positive people?
  7. Are you in the Fear Rabbit Hole?
  8. Do you have a self-care program for your emotions and for your physical health?
  9. Are you using grief as a learning opportunity?
  10. How do you believe your role was supposed to be in marriage? Was this a false or true belief?
  11. What is our perception of divorce?
  12. How does having EI (Emotional Intelligence) get you through fear?
  13. Are you using Patty McGuire’s definition of Fear. “Fear brings you information that you need in order to be more of yourself.”
  14. Are you questioning your belief systems to find out why the marriage didn’t work out?
  15. Are you handling divorce fears through Emotional Intelligence?

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