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Recipe for a Heart-Healthy Divorce ™

"Seriously....great job today! Super insightful and very informative! It was wonderful to have the pleasure of attending your session live. I'll definitely be checking out your podcast and recommending it to clients. Thanks for the important work that you do!" Bridgett L. Moran, Child Therapist
For: Mental Health Professionals, Faith Communities, Service Organizations, Community Groups 


Recipe for a Heart-Healthy Divorce™ is presented as an all-day seminar with time for questions, answers and role play after each ingredient is discussed.

Divorce impacts every person and every family in every community. Divorce does not have to be bitter, and the secret is in the ingredients. People can create the divorce they want from litigious to amicable. This seminar focuses on how to achieve the latter. The divorce that doesn’t leave a bitter taste.

When you know better, you do better” - Maya Angelou

With divorce rates consistently between 50% - 70%, the approach to divorce needs to be addressed differently. People don’t have to Lawyer-Up. In fact, with this Recipe, spouses can Lawyer-Down. Judith helps people turn down the temperature on what is frequently a hotly contested and emotional experience.

What comes out is a Recipe to move past the acrimony of divorce and achieve a semblance of acceptance, peace and hope for the future.  


The Recipe for a Heart-Healthy Divorce™ seminar works best as an inclusive all-day program, co-sponsored by mental health associations, and multiple faith-based, service, or community organizations.

Key Takeaways

  • How to Turn a Bitter Divorce Sweet
  • How to Neutralize the Acidity of Words to Control Brewing Conflict.
  • How to Prevent Divorce from being All-Consuming
  • How to Use Laughter as Nutrition for the Heart.  
Judith M. Weigle, award-winning Divorce Mediator and podcast host of THE Amicable Divorce Expert, brings her 10 years of knowledge and solutions to the table to feed the needs of people transitioning out of marriage.

“My philosophy for divorce is the same for all life challenges: Use it to grow." - Judith Weigle
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Recipe For a Heart Healthy Divorce ™ can work as both an internal program at any organization or as a public seminar bringing together members of different faith and community groups?